Starting with the coolest freestyle sport on earth? Then settle for a complete, rather than handpicking every part of your board; its cheaper to start with and you can always fit new parts to fully customize your board to your likings.


Completely wrecked your deck or just fed up with it? Or just a deck to hang on the wall for decoration? We have plenty on stock. From 7,5 to 8,5’s. Zero, Toy Machine, Santa Cruz, Slave, Hydroponic. The coolest collabs to have something special: Zero Iron Maiden, Hydroponic South Park and the upcoming Zero Pokemon in 2023.


Each and every part needed for your board you can find at the American Barn. Griptape, wheels, trucks, hardware, bearings. Sidewheels? No. Courage? No. Love for skating? Hell yeah! Independent, OJ Wheels, Hardluck, Pig, Sour, Hydroponic, Toymachine, all here! now skoot off and skate